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YM Scalping off 1 or 2 minute chart

I trade the YM 'scalping' it for 1-2 minutes max per trade...can anyone recommend a website that goes more in depth to scalping the YM...or can someone share their insights scalping the YM..I will not use tick or volume charts due to my trading platform...but...use the 1-2 minute charts...just want to see if anyone else is doing this or can direct to places I can read more on this...I.E. add some MA's crossvers etc.
Thanks in advance...
Moving averages are perhaps too slow for scalping. TradeTheMarket guys - John Carter and Hubert Senters have lot of set-ups for short term trades. John actually has a book on the various setups they use. There is a Scalper Buy/Sell setup which is based purely on price action. I believe he uses 3 consecutive high or low closes and a reversal for signals.

They sell an indicator for this but it is trivial to visually locate the signals if you are trading such a short time frame. Check out this video to get some details. I do not trade this method so I don't know how good it is.

do you have a direct access broker. eg Tradestation? They should have the capability for tick chart. I suggest a 300-450 tick chart for ES. With tick charts you can see patterns inside the 1 minute and 2 minute candle.
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