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Trading Zone

Why was the thread deleted?
Not sure where it's gone. Do you have a link for the original topic? i.e. the topic_id for the Trading Zone. If so, I can try and find it.
Strange - a saw a post earlier this morning from someone complaining all his posts about the Trading Zone had been deleted. That post has also gone!
old thread had over 20 pages;
just googgle "trading zone" you will see it in the catched
Honestly, I'm pleased the thread has dissappeared. I think Greg and his friends abused the privledge here by ridiculing detractors and using the forum for free sdvertising. Also, I was troubled to see dissenting posts deleted by the moderators.
Here it is: The Trading Zone
Originally posted by ruvan

...I was troubled to see dissenting posts deleted by the moderators.

The reason that person's posts were deleted was because he was attempting to steal trading material from The Trading Zone. Theft, or attempting to steal or encouraging people to steal is illegal and we do not condone, allow or tolerate illegal activity here. That person's account has been locked. Each time that person re-registered any posts made by him were deleted and his new account locked again.
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