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Daily Notes Support

I received this email today:

My Daily Notes that come in my email each morning giving the support and resistance levels was yesterday's email and not todays. The information was one day old.

A friend of mine gets the same thing that I get and his were not a day old today but were correct. What could have happened about mine.


Many thanks for reading the Daily Notes.

There are a number of things that could have happened but we seem to be dealing with two issues here.

If you click the subscribe icon on the Daily Notes Topic then each time a someone makes a reply to this topic you will receive an email letting you know that the topic has new information in it. I reply to this topic once a day to let you know that the Daily Notes have been updated and you can read them now.

The Forum then sends each of the subscribers to that topic an email. That email may go astray in the system. It may be delayed on the server, by a router, by your ISP, or even on your own computer. We have all received emails that had been sent a month previously and had somehow been lost in the system during that month.

The email may also be delayed or permanently deleted or rerouted by a spam filter that has been put in place by your ISP or on your computer. Please make sure that all emails from are allowed through or White Listed by any spam filters that you may be using.

If the emails aren't making it through to some people then there is very little (to my knowledge) that I can do from this end.

The information that you read on the web "should" always be current. When you go to the Daily Notes page you can see if the data is current by looking at the dates next to the Data for -> and Daily Pivots for -> tags and also at the bottom of the page will be a Last updated: Day/Time tag.

In the event that this page is NOT current and yet you have received the email talked about above then it is possible that this page is being cached by your computer or a router or server between you and the Daily Notes server. If you hold down the Ctrl key and click the refresh button then this should force a refresh and get the latest data for you.

Backup Web:
When the Daily Notes page is created an archive is also created for the relevant day. If you go to the Daily Notes Archive page and follow the links for the relevant month you should find a link to the day (date) that is today (or the next available trading day) that is an exact duplica of the Daily Notes page. In the even that the Daily Notes page has not updated on your system or your can't get it to update then you should be able to use this as a backup.

I hope that this solves some problems and provides some alternatives.

Let me know if I can help in any other way.

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