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Missing threads and posts

Okay, we know have an explanation on what transpired with the Trading Zone, but that doesn't explain why other recent posts and indeed an entire thread on a certain vendor has been deleted. I'm not going to get embroiled in this topic. If daytrading cares to address it, fine. If not, that's fine also. After all, it's his forum to run and this is not a democracy.
If you're talking about The Trading Zoo thread then I can tell you that it has been temporarily moved because it was getting hit with a lot of spam. Posts generally get deleted if they are spam or if the member gets locked out of the forum for not following the rules or terms and conditions.

There is very little point in discussing this because the forum is not here to discuss the merits of running a forum. We exist to help each other become better traders.

In this part of the forum there are a number of rules that are applied for spotting scams and deleting posts. The rules can obviously not be made public because then the con artists would work around them.
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Just thought some people might find this interesting.
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