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pivots,sup, res #s..prev day or overnight-best?

previous days or right before market open, say 9AM NY time..pivots, support, resistance numbers..??...for futures trading...say YM and 10 year note...better to use the end of yesterdays prices to calculate pivots, support, resistance etc. or use the prices calculated right before RTH open on the US markets...this one (right before open calculation) factors in the overnight ranges...for some reason I think using the previous days numbers (and not calculating before open) is better for seeing the price you agree or what are your thoughts?...thanks in advance...
The better one to use is, by definition, the one that makes you more money. It shouldn't be a subjective decision but an objective one based on either (1) your real trading results using two different pivots sets (one from previous close and one from open) or (2) from back testing and inspection of which performed better historically. Which one is better to use will vary by trader depending on the money management they employ with the pivots.
shouldnt it be better to use the most commonly used one?

personally i use the close for US markets. however i'm still not sure which to use for the euro market. hmm..
How do you measure the most commonly used one?
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