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is esignal really this bad?

I've just started a 30 day trial of their data-only service. After three days, I am shocked by

1) consistently lagging data
2) bad ticks appear with extraordinary regularity (specifically, I'm referring to the SPYs)

Surely, this can't be their standard, else why would anyone subscribe? And yet, I hear so many complaints about them, I'm beginning to wonder. Does anyone have anything good to say about eSignal data? Please speak up!
I often refer to eSignal as the best of a bad bunch. All data vendors and charting software companies have major problems with the products that they provide and it depends on which part of their service you are using as to your satisfaction (or lack thereof) with them.

If you're using part of their service which is less bug ridden then you might have a better experience with them than with one of the other vendors.

However, the specific problem that you're pointing out about bad data is something that hits all of them now and then. This time it's eSignal's turn and yes, I am also getting frustrated by the bad data that's coming from them. However, I know that by the time I switch to someone else they'll have fixed their problem and that someone else will probably hit a similar "bad data" problem in about 6 months time.

The industry needs to be shaken up. I think that we should also be able to our data directly from the exchanges instead of having to go through eSignal. All eSignal is doing for exchange generated data is relaying it to you. There's no reason why the exchanges can't setup eSignal's array of relay servers and do the same job.
I have been using DTN IQfeed for 4 years now and never had a bad data yet of course the only way to know if is correct is to have a second soars.
In fairness to eSignal, the customer support rep with whom I spoke expressed what seemed like genuine concern about the bad-tick-issue. In fact, when he checked out the SPY chart for himself, he sounded shocked, and said he would follow-up poste-haste.

Interestingly, he appeared just as taken aback by the fact that he had heard no complaints until mine. Which makes me wonder...

Perhaps those of us who suffer bad data in silence have no one to blame but ourselves.
I have used eSignal in the past without any problems, but in the last few months I have been hearing a lot of complaints in a chat room with eSignal lagging, spontaneously disconnecting and freezing.

I have been using IQFeed for about six months. It has been solid even on FOMC days like yesterday. I have been very happy with their product and prices. I switched because eSignal keeps raising their prices and I didn't even use their charting software.