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why daytrade 30YR over 10YR...please convince me!!

why daytrade 30 year over 10 year?...the 30YRseems to offer nothing

**30yr and 10yr have the same $15.625 tick value
**my 10 yr daytrade margin is $400
**my 30 yr daytrade margin is $877

WHY in the world daytrade the 30 year?...does it have that much of a difference in daily high/low range??? that the only thing it could offer compared to daytrading the 10 yr?...meaning as greater trading range to pick up more points?
i'm interested in this also :)
if you are asking such a simple question like perhaps the right question to ask is shoud i be day trading at all ? have i dont any research at all, and do i even know what i am doing... if you just want to gamble.... perhaps you should be day trading the crap tables amigo, your odds might be better...

why day trade anything over anything else ?

day traders need 2 things

liquidity and volatility

30yr and 10yr are much of a muchness but i think the 30yr probably has slightly more volatility, why dont you download 5 years of back data, put it in excel and test it out... ooo hard work.... perhaps vegas is an easier option after all ?

if you really want day trading with big volatility then go for front month crude oil futures.... that can move upto 10% in a day !!! but its not for the faint hearted .... enjoy !
can I ask some questions?...why do you trade the 30 year over the 10 year? seems as if better to trade 10 year?...why?
10 year has..
*more volume
*same tick value
*lower daytrade margins seems the only thing the 30 year offers is more 'range' broker offers $400 daytrade margin on the 10 year and $877 daytrade margin on the 30, to 'nab more profit' to load up on more 10 year contacts...may I ask, how many 30 year contracts do you trade at once?1,2,3,5,10 etc.?...thanks for your insight...look forward to the answers or anyone else reading in...please...more info
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