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Wows, Whoas & Woes

As if times of economic and psychological uncertainty aren't difficult enough to confront and deal with, a plethora of so-called revolutionary money-making and system-beating schemes make there way to the forefront by opportunists often times serving (aside from the obvious) as attention-stealing devices slowing or halting altogether decision-making curves in important issues and tasks at hand. Don't get me wrong. The Dow Theory and its subsequent elaboration in the Elliot Wave Principle (whether intended or not) arose from times such as these; and it's refreshing to see that they've both stood the test of time. But from a sociological perspective, I recognize that a flux of new traders will soon emerge armed with the newest unfounded fraud or plagerism binded by some third-rate vanity fair or click-for-cash free website, act on underinformed decisions emanating from direct deceptions and personal, flat-out emotive and psychological denial, lose personal and/or family fortunes, and be no more the wiser when staring down the barrel.

It's upsetting, this notion; and what makes someone cut-out for this business stand out from they who aren't, quite simply, is that you not only have to be okay with the influx of the predesignated doomed, you realize their nesessary participation in the free market system is required in order for you to cover a position. I, personally, at times, have difficulty in this area when it would be entirely easy to claim it not so.

So in saying, because many of you are drawn to this site for the very same reasons I mentioned, there are only two new products worth buying, in my estimation:

How to Identify High Profit Elliott Wave Trades in Real-Time, by Myles Wilson Walker, and Mastering Elliot Wave: Presenting the Neely Method: The First Scientific, Objective Approach to Market Forecasting with the Elliott Wave Theory (version 2), by Glenn Neely and Eric Hall.

Both pieces are adaptations of, but not the, Elliot Wave Principle; and they're specifically geared to be used in intraday scalping and swing trading.

As an aside, Neely even deviated from mentioning Elliot at all presently and has coined his system NeoWave. I personally think he's gone a touch mad and over the edge but his book is deep and practical.

Aside from that, hunt for Hamilton's, Rhea's and Elliot's works in antiquarian sites or ebay. They're going for a premium, but that should be expected.

And as always, I wish you all well;
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