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Largest $$$ trades..

Febuary 27 2007 The days leading to that were as I recall down 5-6 days in a row That was the longest down turn in months on the ES and I was short all the way but on Feb 26 2007 I went long 15-20 contracts I can't remember exactly. I was going to catch a 5-8 point bounce then get back short. This was a bull market and you could do that really easy. The overnight market would barly move at all (and the day time market @ that time). And the way I swing trade I don't use stops (don't tell anyone but I average my losers) anyway I get up the next am and was down over $12,000 I had shorted them automaticly without thinking and regained some, the rest of the day I shorted with a lot smaller amount when the smoke cleared was only down $4,000.
What were your emotions like when you saw how much you were down?
I was extremely frustrated, because all my work showed a large down move coming and I was on the wrong side, had I stayed in the direction I was planned to be I would have been up over 80k that day. But the real emotions came later, I was building my home and funding it with my trading income alone, that alone was taking most of the profits I was making. But what came after the small crash was increased volatility, the things I once used and worked great didn't even seem to matter the weeks following. I was used to trading 10-20 cons and after that 5 cons was a big lot.
The psychology of trading, check your emotions at the keyboard. Easy to say, impossible to do.
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