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Trading wirless or wi-fi

Do any of you guys trade via wi-fi or wireless broad band? I have a laptop and mostly use ethernet hook-up to dsl, but on occasion I take my laptop to another room and go wi-fi. I really dont have any issues trading or watching my charts and dom when I go wireless.

Does anybody else use wi-fi and how's that working for you? Are there any negatives to trading wireless?
I switch between the two. Currently I'm going through a phase where I hard wire everything in the house to the internet and reduce wireless access as much as possible. However, that's because my wireless signal isn't great and I get much better performance over hard-wired.

One of the advantages to having a laptop with a wireless connection is for backup. If your internet provider goes down and you have a neighbor that allows you to use their internet connection via WiFi (make sure you get their permission first) and they are with another provider (that hasn't gone down) then you can very quickly reconnect to the internet and continue to trade. Also you can jump in your car and drive to a wireless hot spot and continue.

I would definitely keep a laptop with a wireless connection up-to-date and functional for trading for those reasons.
I use both Wi Fi and at&t air card the only problem I have "on both services" is on a heavy volume moves everything freezes up till the volume go back to normal. I traded on DSL at start but I was too dumb to notice the difference if their was one. For day trading you need something stable but for me, I learn to get around the glitches. "I have the brokers number on stand by".
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