A Needed Aside

There's no bigger attraction in this business than attempting to bleed the market for every available cent in a trend, first to catch its definitive bottom and then ride profits to its converse extremity. Countless hundreds of billions of dollars are spent in research to do just that. That and more has been lost attempting to do so. Wars are waged to stimulate growth and make more money, and lose more money, with gains acquired in previous trends. What's amazing, is that it'll never end so long as Capitalism is driven by a free market system. Greed, vanity and the covetable is what drives most of the world's economic foundations and those at the helm, just like they being exploited, are not without their own weaknesses in these very same vices.

I'm not a hypocrite; I'm not so naive as to believe there's a better way, at least what's been already forged. But what we have now is simply not going to contribute to our evolution. In fact it's regressing it.

It can be said that on that fateful day, September 11, 2001, after the terror subsided, a message, as if delivered by the terrible one himself, by way of servants, was to be gleaned. I heard it; and after having done so my life and false sense of security fell apart just like the house of cards had in the World Trade Center. More genocide from Big Brother was the result. A war based on terror in fight of terror against Muslims was the answer to the riddle.

And that is a crying damn shame.

There is an absolute gaping hole of a wound in the international psyche that will never heal now, because the psyche for all of its trials and tribulations of thousands of years of so-called refinement and evolution can not handle the degree of truths and evil that really happened in the years and months before that day.

I just want my international trading brothers and sisters to know, that as an American, I have heard, I care, but like you, I can't do a blasted thing about it.