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Kools comments

The excitement continues. I said in my 9-20 market analysis i didnt want to see us go below 1254 or so. That meant to me, that a retest or slight piercing of 1136 would occur.IT sure occurred today and although we have only slightly pierced it so far, it couldnt have happened in a 'scarier' way. Itold my friends on the es thread that if congress didnt pass the bill wed see a 800 point down day on the dow! I also said we could go as low as 1086 or so. Man, spx down 106 points! Dow largest point loss in history, citi at 17 a share, wachovia (which was going to buy morgan stanley just 2 weeks ago) at 1.88 a share! So whats next? well, the closing ticks on the nyse wa only 300-400 not the level over 800 or worse that i have commented on many times. If it was, you would see another 800 down tomorrow! I bougt a couple of calls today , one at the close and i feel good about it. When u see blood in the streets , its generally time to buy, not sell! Ask Warren Buffett. Time will tell!
kool...I've viewed the video that Popstocks posted. I couldn't attend Saturday's class, so I feel a bit lost even after viewing Popstocks video (although very grateful for you posting that's likely me that's a bit slow to pick things up). Is there anywhere else that I can access your strategy Kool, giving me a broader overview?
Thanks for all you do..thanks also to popstocks!!
KAREND, Im both flattered and amazed at the attention my system of identifing cycles and price projection has achieved. Im not really sure why, except that i guess it is completely different from most other systems orf technical analysis.I guess im going to have to write something down so i can send it to people who ask. Pop made a noble attempt with his video, but it contains numerous errors and i think hes making it far more complicated than it really is. Im going to try to whip up some thing this week end maybe.
I look forward to this as I missed most of the on line review.....Pop's got a cool slant on the ideas too....
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