One Tick at a Time

Anyone looked at [url][/url]
you can't 'look' at his room since it's paid room but you can listen to his chat in the free paltalk room. Since his method is too simple if you just have one glance at his 2 charts you will know about 80% of his method. The rest is just which patterns have higher percentage, trade management and psychology of a trade.
I have been in the paltalk room two days. I hear lots of cash register sounds and noises. Most of the time, I have no idea where the entry is. He scales at 3 ticks, 1.5 points, and a discretionary exit on the other third - often 3-4 points. The stops are pretty tight (3-4 ticks), and he uses Ninja with and ATM that trails tight, at least that's how it sounds. With that tight of a stop, the trades seem to be of the breakout/momentum type. Cost is $2400+$500 (a weird arrangement) non-refundable.

nkhoi, do you have anymore info?
He is a nice guy letting me listening in for weeks for free so I just repeating what he said, 2 charts, no indicators, no homework. I will add one thing stay away from market noise and go with trend. None of these are earth shattering concepts the trick is how you put them together. I am just guessing, don't just go by what I said.
I think I misspoke on 'go with trend' in scalping there is no such thing as trend only momentum thus it should be avoid the noise and ride the momentum as far you can.
Hi nkhoi,
I'm just started to look at Are you still in the room listening to brian or you have eventually join him as a partner? Do you mind to share a bit more experience trading with brian? Thank you.