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question regarding day trading in scottrade

I have opened a cash acct in scottrade for trading with under 25k. I have done like 4 or more times trading in a week. However, i am only using the settled funds for trading and never violate the regulation T rule. Is that count as a "pattern-day-trader."
  • A pattern day trader is defined in Exchange Rule 431 (Margin Requirement) as any customer who executes 4 or more round-trip day trades within any 5 successive business days. If, however, the number of day-trades is more than 3 but is 6% or less than the total number of trades that trader has made for that five business day period, the trader will not be considered a pattern day trader and they will not be required to meet the criteria for a pattern day trader.

  • A non-pattern day trader (ie someone with only occasional day trading), can become designated a pattern day trader anytime if it meets the above criteria.

  • If the brokerage knows, or reasonably believe a client who seeks to open or resume an account will engage in pattern day trading, then the customer must immediately be considered a pattern day trader without waiting 5 business days.

Sources: Information Memo of Amendments to Rule 431 ("Margin Requirements") Regarding "Day Trading" and Wikipedia

Based on the definition of a Pattern Day Trader I would say that you are a Patter Day Trader.

My understanding of Regulation T is that you must not exceed the initial margin requirement for margin stock purchases which is 50%. So Regulation T just regulates how much leverage you can apply on your account and does not influence whether or not you are a Pattern Day Trader. i.e. I would ignore Regulation T for the purposes of working out if you're a Pattern Day Trader.

This is my best guess at your current situation and I could be wrong so please investigate further and I welcome comments to my reply...
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