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GLOBEX 11-10-08

Well, im selling here 950.25 for what its worth
I have price proj. to 968.50 or as high as 973.50 tho, so i expect Mon the market to trend upward to a final high. time will tell.
there is a gap on the futures from 937.50 to 941 that will eventually have to be filled. Current downside proj. is just below 945 unless 953.50 is touched again.
I was stopped on the initial uprush at 952.75 for a loss of 2.5 : currently flat and watching...
Well, i went long one at 951 and covered at 953.50. plus 2.5 now flat on the day... Coulnt post cause of 'site maint.'...watching
hi kool. i read your strategic analysis with much interest. i will try to follow your trading.
THX, wow, it shot right up to the 5 min proj of 955.75 while i was surfing the net... too bad ,would have been a nice little short scalp. Got to go for now see every one in the am for what promises to be an interesting day and week!