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NOTE: hourly projects to 837.50, i believe!(unless the low is taken out ,of course)
before you ask.. 2 notes! in the above examples i used 1.618 and added to the highs, when in realtime trading i use 2.618 and add to the beginning... its the same thing! Also and this is important, the only real projection is the first one(767.75), because the other 2 clearly show decent retracement at some point before the next peaks! My intention is to show that markets adhere to a rigid mathematical construction in their movements and are not 'random walk' as many others believe. That is the purpose of this post. PS: look at what the last 15 min candle is saying!(unless 802.25 is touched again, of course)
If possible could you please upload this chart again with volume added below so that we can look at it with Bruce's perspective too. Thanks.
I love the 15 minute but am married to the 60 minute. It shows 2-3 setups a day and that's all I need.

In the example above are you saying that you would still have been Bullish after the retrace from 768 because the 14:45 candle did not reach 739 and if it had your bias would now be towards the short side?
Mypto, yes!
But please understand,friend, im really neither bullish or bearish. I would expect higher prices forthcoming if the 739 low held a retest just as a matter of common sense basic technical analysis. Also since as we hit the expected 768 top a price projection was given that did not project lower than 739, but understand, im just a short term scalper! Nothing would prevent me from attempting short scalps on the way up after the 14:45 candle if my work said it was indicated. I dont want to leave you with the impression that i knew this would be 'the low' or even a long lasting one. I have opinions ,like anybody else on the 'longer' term picture ,but they are more based on standard tech. analysis ,generally, than my work.
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