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High Volume I'm using on Monday

745 - 746 lowest volume of the surge areas


772-776 *** this is the big volume zone


I'm discarding the high volume that ran up from 789 into the 4PM close and hopefully this isn't a mistake

803 - left over from Fridays numbers and close to Fridays high..will they defend this again?


832 -835
once again there are two zones that are close to VA numbers....the 745 - 746
and the 754 - 757

I will also be looking to the overnight to try and get some clarity on the buying spike that began at the 3:54 e.s.t bar up to the close of the cash index as I'm not convinced of that area yet...

I have a should be 812 - 816 as posted here....

so far over night low came in first down to 783.25....... .75 ticks below our 84 - 88 zone and rallied so far to a high of 817.....just one point above the first key zone from the other day...
here is the overnight so far...what we have to watch for in the day session is that new volume can come in to create new zones. So just because the next zone sits way up at 832 - 835 it doesn't mean it will get there. They can bring in new volume at anytime but luckily we can monitor this and use the existing zones still as targets.

Here is overnight so far with the zones hit so far...

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failure up here should close the gap down at 803...we have a weekly pivot magnet at 804 so that
makes this area even more interesting

Good luck today

here is the one minute for reference - 813.75 seems to be the high volume bar for the overnight

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