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High Volume for Tuesday

Tough day for those of us who fade is the volume

On Upside

822-826 ***





788 - 790

771-775 ***

Should see better trade around the opening range tomorrow
bruce this is the first time you differentiated up from did you determine this?
check out this vol by price resource
the downside numbers where left over numbers from previous days...below yesterdays lows.......
a bit different but still a valuable resource...thanks Nkhoi/
Originally posted by nkhoi

check out this vol by price resource

A much better day in general. I was disappointed as I missed a key zone from last week. The 817-820 ! I thought this zone had become broken with yesterdays trade down into it but there wasn't enough TIME to determine if this was a valid break. You may recall this zone was breached during the late day sell off on monday. There was never another full 30 minute bar once we entered this zone. I read about this concept in Dalton. I just missed it...sloppy on my part...This same concept happened today into the key 49-51 zone.....that is still a valid zone as we hit up into at the end of the day and TIME couldn't validate it.

For those following this you will begin to notice how often these volume numbers will match up to Value Area numbers...or come close....However the volume I am following is not based on time so that is what makes it interesting.

here is the chart from today......

Click image for original size
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