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numbers I'm watching for friday 12-5

868 - 870 second biggest thursday volume

852 - 854 **singles will be broken here

840 - 842.50 ** biggest Thursday volume

825.50 - 827

817 -820

I had an error at the 825 area so I fixed it...hence the edit

thanks for posting Bruce
we have some nice convergence with the daily pivot numbers on some of them..I'm also watching that 35-36 as we had a overnight report spike initiate there
A great day possibly for those volume traders who stuck around on Friday. Here is the chart. I have labeled all the high volume zones that I posted above. You can clearly see some amazing reactions at these numbers. The last zone was 878 - 881 as posted here. I also didn't annotate the "singles" at the 52 - 54 area but you can see the horizontal lines......

This was from two fridays ago and we failed to make it up to that zone on Monday. So the Zone is still "active". You can see what happens when we fail at zones and how they go back quite often to the previous zone...

My chart sucks but you can check them out on your own if interested


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