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High Volume I'm using on 12-22

Biggest one is

1)897 - 899

2)next is 91.50 - 894 ( #1 and #2 are real close unfortunately but the good thing is we may be able to get a couple of tries at fading as there should be sellers up here)

I'll be looking at that whole zone as one big fade zone ( 891.50 - 899) and I don't expect to just blow through it if we open below it in the day session

3) 881.75 - 83.75

Numbers are real tight and the leftover numbers come in close too...

876 - 878, 871 - 873.

This happens and is normal when we consolidate

We have the big contract closing it's overnight at 884...and the overnight high is 891.50 and low is down at these should be the better fade points to begin......Dow was the weakest market on Friday so I will look for buying to be stronger in early trade.....a first move down will be a buy signal especially if we get down to the 76 - 78 zone... a first move up will be the sell...hopefully up near that 91.50.
You will notice that many times if the Emini S&P keeps going up or down past where the Big contract closed at 9:15. Then they will push it back to the 9:15 globex close price once the day session begins...

You will also notice that we have the bigs 9:15 closing at 884 so the overnight high and low are within the "window"....884 plus 8 = 992 or 884 minus 8 the trick is to fiqure out which one they will bring it to first if you like to trade for those instead of fading
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