Market Profile Calculator Error

Greetings all,

When 3 digit values are entered in [url][/url] with a tick size of 0.05,the following error is thrown :

The profile that you are trying to create is 5800 ticks wide which would need more processing time than is available on the server. Have you correctly set the Tick Size parameter? Is your data valid?

Sample data used is this :

302 300
304 300
293 200
390 310
343 325
334 330
490 310
433 350

I have also seen this for four digit values.
How can this be fixed?

AVP - the profile that you are trying to create with 0.05 tick sizes will be 5,800 price points which would take you minutes to scroll through on a page and would be meaningless for informational purposes. What is the symbol that you're trying to profile? I've just generated a profile for the prices that you're trying to profile with a tick size of 1 and it generates a usable profile. Try that and let me know how you got on with it.