Thanks PT

I wanted to give special thanks to PTemini and all the other contributors for their efforts in putting together our new Trading Room.

Although it is still a work in progress, I feel our first week was a resounding success.

I would also like to give thanks to the participants of the room. I noticed throughout the week that everyone chipped in to help when someone had a question.

We had an average of 30-40 people per day in the room and although this was a new experience to everyone and we had technical issues we had to deal with I think that everything remained quite orderly.

If you enjoyed the room and felt it was a benefit to you please give us your feedback.

One suggestion I would like to offer is having one MyPivots forum dedicated to the room where we could have sticky threads for:

Setup Instructions-and typical fixes for tech issues for Echat or Vent.

Room Conduct-font color for trade callers only etc...

Charts-self explanatory.

Education-explanation of trade setups and methods.

Questions-a place where questions could be asked and answered that would take too long during regular trading hours.

These are to name a few, but by having one unified location we could easily direct people to the information they seek.

Again, I wish to thank everyone for their efforts in putting this room together.

I think the room along with vent has been very enjoyable. Listening to people and their comments makes me feel better if I have a losing day and keeps my spirits up. I also think that the people have been very helpful in answering questions posed to them. I want to thank all of you for being there and caring about all of us. I hope this room continues for a long time to come.

I agree. This good. Trading can be very lonesome. It is a lonesome career. Support group of like minded professionals with vast knowledge helps in the learning process.
Thanks everyone for your positive words of encouragement !

I appreciate everyone's contribution to this new effort.

I want to thank each of you for your feedback, helpful ideas, and suggestions. Please keep them coming.

During this past week we have tried out several different collaboration tools in addition to ventrilo. Each tool has it's strengths and weaknesses. Our goal is to use tools that facilitate easy communication and sharing, are convenient for everyone to use, and don't get in the way of our trading.

Once we get past this initial research and setup stage, and things settle, then we will need to fill in all the details myptofvu mentioned. myptofvu's suggestion of gathering all this necessary information and help pages into a separate folder is an excellent idea. Hopefully we can get that started very soon.
Originally posted by myptofvu

One suggestion I would like to offer is having one MyPivots forum dedicated to the room where we could have sticky threads for...

Good suggestion. I've moved this topic into the Online Trading Chat room which was previously a very quiet and dormant forum called something similar.