MyPivots Online Text Chat

pt_emini has created a chatroom at Ensign Chat.

The software is free to download at this link:

You click on the "download" button for eChat

This will put the setup program on your desktop, you click that program and install the eChat client application.

Once the installation completes, simply click the desktop icon for eChat and it does the rest, connecting you to their server and it will put you automatically into the support room (room 0). From here you scroll down toward the bottom of the list of room names and find room number 78 named "Harmonics" and click on it. This is the room pt_emini setup.

If you can't get into the room then post a reply here with details of your problem and someone will try and help you.

Also try getting into the voice chat room and asking in there.
I cant find the harmonics room. Room 78 is ftse. Any help?
I think that there's a mismatch of numbers and names when you initially load the eChat. If you got to room 78, irrespective of what it's called when you first load eChat, I think that you'll find that it's the Harmonics room.