Kool's Forum and Voice Chat

Koolblue is an avid poster and respected trader on this forum. We've recently opened up a private forum for Koolblue called Kool's Tools. Koolblue also chats about trading in real time in our voice chat room.

Here's how you go about joining Kool's Tools private forum and voice chat:

You need to be a member of the forum. Register here (free).

Once registered on the forum you need to register for Mumble Voice chat. This registers your forum username with the voice chat server. Do that here: Register MyPivots Voice Chat

On the registration page you will need to log-in using your mypivots.com username and password. Then on the second page you enter a mumble voice chat user name of your choice, it can be the same as your mypivots.com username and click update. This will register your username for access to these premium services. You will see a "successful update" message at the bottom of the registration page if the registration was successfully completed. This will also send a notification to us that you have completed your registration successfully.

We will then authorize your access and you will be sent an e-mail notification that you are granted access to Kool's private forum and live voice chat room.

If you want to participate in the live voice chat room you will also need to install and set-up the Mumble Voice Chat client application.
Please note: The Mumble voice chat was turned off on 4 July 2009. It is no longer running.

We have chosen to turn off the mumble voice chat at this time because we are not currently able to support the live voice chat full time during the trading day. The original intent of the live voice chat was to help facilitate the initial training and education phase of introducing Kool's Tools to forum members. We feel this goal has been achieved.

Going forward the eChat text chat room will remain open for everyone's use during the trading day, and Kool's Tools private forum will continue forward as usual.
Thanks pt_emini - I'd forgotten to update this.
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