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New to trading how did you guys start outandlearn?

Hi im trying to learn how to day trade. ive seen yourc candle stick charts and various grpahs and im like

where, how and what do i need to start?

keep reading
instead of a "keep reading" can somone tell me where to start? i have trouble digesting the complicated things on this forum

i have read some day trading books and i don;t understands the chart pattens things.

im not going to day trade any time soon but i would want to consider trading full time.

My mother's friend just simply did this, when the economy was good, he just simply bought the straits times index (singapore ETF) and just held it fro a day and sold it when it rose about 1-2%.

He made more than $200/day for most days, but also lost about $200 on some days, overall he earned about 40k last year before stopping due to the economics crisis, his only indicators are CNBC, the down on CNBC, NASQ on cnbc etc.
I would start off reading these classics to get a good background education in trading and the environment. That should give you a good overview of the different types of trading that are available and also the different markets that you can trade. Once you've read those you'll probably have a good idea about what type of trading would suit you best and then you can narrow your focus and start reading and educating in the area that you plan on trading.

I hope that helps.
hey thankls for replying. also, btw are they any kind of from the ground up graphs charts teaching material? something that teaches how to read charts and graphs from bare basics?
Have a look at some of the books listed under Technical Analysis. Although I've never read it I would image that Technical Analysis for Dummies would be a good starter.
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