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Spare some thought for the retrenched

Since we have become a little close since the chats.

I don't know if this is the place to share this.

The urgent call I had last night was from a friend's mother. She was distraught. Her son took his own life.

It went into a spiral.

He lost his job. His girlfriend left him when they are supposed to get married in June. To makes things worst, the doctor brushed his depression aside after he waited for him for 5 hours. All happened in a span of 2 week.

And I only last saw him in Dec.

I know that we traders are a bunch of quite emotionally resilient people. We are quite in touch with ourselves and can take knocks quite hard.

If we know of friends and family who have lost their job, please spare a thought and talk to them. I am sure our contacts can at least give them a number to call for a job placement. At least talk to them that we care.

No, please do not introduce them trading until they have settled. Your intentions may be good but they don't have the emotional capacity to handle it yet.

Some of these people are just begging for a sense of worth inside.

God bless and take care.
Sorry to hear about your friend lordalfa.
lord alfa, i suggest u pray to the real lord and ask him to help you find a way to comfort your freind,losing a child is one of the top 3 most stressful things a human can experience
Thank you. All for your concern. Stopped my trading abruptly last night as it was affecting me a little. I'll get over it. I hope Lilian(his Mom) gets some help. I told her that she can hold off the police, give them a date so that she can answer their questions. They are asking a lot of questions.

Seems like a misadventure not suicide. The stoopid doctor gave him Prozac while he is on sleeping pills. It seem to have caused some reaction. Verdict is up to the court to decide.
Lord Alfa,I was so sorry to hear of your friend's tragic death.It must be really hard on his Mother to bury a son.I am sorry you lost a close friend.
The sad fact is that she did not even bear to attend the burial. There is a Chinese saying about "white hair people sending black hair people". Signifies a curse. She is blaming herself if she has done enough for her son. She much grieved. She collapsed when she saw her son in the room with blue lips. She is afraid she'd collapse again at the burial.

Prayers for her.

We were close. 10 yrs ago. Slowly drifted away from me and my brother when we became fathers. He has an issue with fathers. His own father left him when he was young, so he has some father anger issues which sadly was not resolved even at death.
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