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Excel help for formatting Bond/Notes values

Can someone tell me how I should format my Excel cells to be able to calculate the pivots myself the way mypivots does? I was fine until they added the 1/2 tick, but can't quite figure out how to figure them now... I know how to calculate the pivots -- just not sure how to "format the cell" for the number... Like 130-025...

Any ideas?
onthemove: Is your problem converting a number like 130-025 (in a cell) into a decimal value that you can do calculations on?

If that's the case then the following Excel formula will work which assumes that the value is in cell A1 (top left corner cell):

Hi, I am also interested to understand doing pivot calculations for bonds with xxx-xxx format. I am not clear as converting xxx-xxx format to decimal can provide the pivot results in xxx-xxx format. for example if high is 130-040 and low is 129-280, how do I calculate the difference or range in excel in xxx-xxx format?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You
pakeez: The standard way to do this in Excel is to convert the cell to a decimal value as I showed in the previous post, do the range calculation and all pivot point calculations in decimal, and then format the cell as a bond value.
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