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i am looking for a private technical trading room where i can show my thoughts. politics, no proprietary of other traders shown.i have been mentoring a student for the past few months and not showing other traders prop work has not been a problem. i will show all of my work.
I'd like to throw my two cents in here, if roofer and everyone else doesn't mind. roofer has made awesome contributions to my forum, and has kept everything I asked him to keep private private. He has done all I think he could as far as contributions there, and I think he feels he needs a new hangout. He did mention in my forum that he was not staying in any forums that talk politics. Keep in mind, I have no live chat room, either text or voice, only the posting forum here at mypivots. Although we do have various topics, political mentions do happen, that is just the way the forum is. I do not require posters to not make any mention of politcal aspects that may affect the market.

Point is, roofer is not looking to be in a forum such as that, so we graciously thanked him for his participation, and I see now he is looking for another place to post. I might suggest he start his own forum here at mypivots, but perhaps he is looking for something that is established or has a big following already, or maybe he doesn't want the hassle of trying to run one on his own. Anyway, I just want to say he has made a greater contribution to my forum than anyone, and has kept everything proprietary of mine to himself, as requested. I hope this maybe stirs up the pot and gives roofer and everyone else some possible ideas.
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