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Missed Kool in the room this afternoon so I thought I would post this in the forum for clarification. Using the 1 min chart,and minimal projection using one candle, when price projection is reached (formula being difference between high and low X 1.618 added to END of the move) do you usually move to the 5 min chart for further clarification or is it acceptable to use a the next candle on the 1 min chart provided that there is a minimal retrace of the first candle by the second candle?

Also if price goes to 2.618% do you usually reverse automatically at that point or do you wait for additional signs to confirm the reversal for example a 123 in the opposite direction or confluence of the 54/100ema near the 2.618% level before entering? Thanks.

i dont ever automatically trade at a time. also the one bar one min projection is just that ..a bare bones minimum objective for that tiny little move . whether i trade it or not or whether i take any trade or not depends on many factors... the cycles, the trend , the larger projections etc. i suggest you spend time following in the room to begin to grasp how this all works out. not enough time here to cover everything
kool can u do a favor. can u please post ur trading analysis for next next trading day if its okay with you. the reason i am asking is i dont have acess to chat sometime and i do miss ur useful posts.


I dont 'forecast' Akola. I generally let the market tell me what it wants to do!
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