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Hey guys, new to the forum here.

I'm thinking about starting up an account at e-trade or a similar site. Nothing huge, just going to throw a paycheck or two into it and see what happens.

Basically, I'm looking for what your opinions are on what is the "best" (lowest rates, customer service, etc.) sites out there are for online trading. Thanks, and I'll look forward to posting here with you guys!
If your talking about the stock index e-mini's (search it on I would check out transact on its a free platform but I think the charts cost a small monthly fee. If your looking for something to try out check out the nasdaq e-mini its good for newbies. There day rates are only a few hundred bucks to trade one contract. But I would just save my money unless you are looking to devout 1-2 years and a large amount of time to books and market time not to mention money.

I am 25 and have been trading since I was 15. I was fortunate to start in a great bull market where all you had to do was buy .com I.P.O's when they were offered and sell them 2 days later and make serious money. And still to this day find this very challenging and rewarding...hope you do good