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dunno if there is already a place for this, but i wanted to list some links that i find very useful. some i use daily, some every now and then, and some through out the day.
this is where i begin to get a picture for the upcoming trading day
similar in direction to Innerworth
to get a glimpse at volatility
volume for ER2 but there is a lot more to the site
put/call ratio ... again, more to CBOE than just this link
daily charts for 40+ commodities and about 50+ biggie stocks
Terry rocks. he's all about the T-theory
gotta know what's going to try and wreck my trades
not sure, but i think if you never visited another site, you still might be unable to finish/absorb all the material from this site
some good articles, some system testing, some other stuff
a variety of good, useful, thoughtful things here ... all to be taken with the proverbial grain of salt
program trading ... ignore it at your own peril
buy/sell ratio
informative blog
program trading ... ignore it at ... well, you remember
great collection of free webinars,3181,1184,00.html
MP stuff
places to store/share yo charts
some interesting stuff on ... well, markets. and volume.
sweet software and site is thick with strategy and perspective. if anyone decides to download and take advantage of the 30-day free, live trial, you might want to go to and download some historical tick data for MD. they have posted data for ER2, ES, NQ, and YM going back through Oct 2004. each month has a zip file and within the file is a .SAV (MD format) for each trading day of teh month. what i started doing was combining the days so that i could produce a monthly file (you can open the files in Notepad and combine them; it is in standard CSV format).
looking for books? go here

and, of course, when i really want some trashy drama
(okay, okay, and the occasional nugget or two - courtesy guy, FT71, acrary, They, steve46, Lefty, etc.; thx fellas, you have really helped this trader learn a thang or two about a thang or two
), i can always let my cup runneth over at:

that's a good start

take care -

That's a really useful list - thanks omni!!

Half of them I haven't heard of but I'm going to investigate them asap.
came across a couple more ...

so far i have only got it to work for the ES and as far back as June 17th (i'm guessing it has a 3mo backfill). pretty nice to do some quick overlay analysis. now if i could only get it to pull the ER2, NQ, ZB, ZN, DAX, EC ...
many articles
much stuff, including some MP stuff

take care -

this one is pretty nice. pretty hefty collection of MP material.

take care

That's a great resouce that last one omni. Thanks!
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