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Missing update to last week's OHLC and pivots

Note that for all stock indexes and currency futures you've not changed the weekly data from the prior week. Daily data has been updated.

There's an omission in the code that generates the weekly numbers on the Daily Notes. The code waits until it receives Friday's figures before generating the weekly data.

The problem with last week is that because there was no data on Friday (because it was Easter) the code that generates the weekly data was never run.

This is something that we're looking into to fixing but it won't be fixed by Monday so if you need weekly pivots and high, low, close etc. you are going to have to look at the Archive Pages for the symbols that you trade and then calculate the Pivots manually.

Can I suggest that if you do this that you post what you calculated as a reply to this topic so that your fellow traders can benefit from you work.


so then this week's weekly pivots will be WRONG since they will include today's numbers?

No, this week's weekly numbers will be correct from today's (Monday) update onwards. You can confirm this using a popular symbol like the ES by comparing Thursday's weekly numbers to Monday's weekly numbers on the archive page.

The weekly numbers that you will see from today onwards will use data from last week from Monday to Thursday inclusive.
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