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ES Sunday night April 26

Long ES at 853, getting a bit oversold on the 377 tick with some nice divergence's. This is a rather large overnight range 14 points.
Targeting 866....
covered +10...863 is close enough for me. This being an inside day so far I would hate to give it all back due to only $150 a contract. Thats it for me today.
good work, I was long last night but got stopped out, it traded down to 46
46.75 on my chart. I had a larger SL only for a crash in overnight. Seems to be typical in this market to get buying opportunity's on any pullback. Its like the good ole days again. I find it best for my trading to not use SL instead I'll stay long until I am not bullish and I stay short until I am bearish. Sometimes I do have exact numbers. But 70% of the time I do not. I learned this from Prechter years ago who only lives like 15 min from me ( i don't know him personally though, thats lazyness on my part). I do have fixed SL on all my scalps plus 2pts or minus which ever comes first.
I was short at the open last night at 66.75, caught a nice spread anticipating the gap fill at 50, intiuted a run up to fill the breakaway gap in the morning and am keeping it. I've been crunching numbers all weekend and came up with a bottom at 500, clicked on an Elliotician's blog I respect, and low and behold, he came up with that number too.

Rumor has it the break from 71 was caused by a false report that all 19 banks that underwent stress tests were insolvent lol (good ole' bear baiting days indeed); true or not, it caused a failed 5th bull off of a 3rd, decimated my bull lines and is barre none the ugliest failed 3rd wave I've seen. It's not easy keeping this one, but my numbers and lines don't lie.

I'm at break even if it runs up, where I'll get a better fill.

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Incidentally I'm targeting 239 ticks, 807.
If they don't buy it at 59, they're not buying it. And they have to hold 61 for me take prop tricksters seriously.
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