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I'm reminded of a story I was told where a buddy was still in college at the time and staying home, studying hard and trading. His mom, late 20th century Jane Clever Jones with a coke habit and a penchant for the extra-marital spice, barges in his room one day and said to him matter of factly: You need direction; why don't you have a girlfriend as smart and handsome as you? Refusing to answer her question he retorts: What I need is a plan, and with NLP grace herded her out the door.

That's it.

And I was like you. What? He said to me: I was contemplating infinity at the time. And it clicked, on so many levels.

You either can be one with the circle or you can't. It's as simple as that.

N[sqrt]*(180)-225)/360(subtract out the entire whole number leaving only the decimal values)*360 = the degree any given number resides by natural law

multiply it by 2, divide it by 360, add the degree factor (see below), add 2 to the whole number keeping the decimal values intact, and square that number. It'll give a number that will be relevant to price action long term and short.

360 2.00
315 1.75
270 1.50
225 1.25
180 1.00
135 0.75
90 0.50
45 0.25
22.5 0.125

There are many more. Find them.
goodness me, I must be fick.
I have no idea what you're talking about :-(
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