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Joe's 880 Forecast

I came up with it in my assesment, but only if buyers hold 36.75; they're holding 38.75, but are in the midst of seller rooting at 44 to go lower. If this is a bull run 38.75 should be the bounce. A break past 44 though if a bear could mean a seller basing. Sellers, no doubt about it, are aiming for the corner of 31, so buyers really have to earn it.

36.75 is the last buyers' foothold to try and make support of the .50 fib from 1007. If 44 holds on a retrace, I'm buying ES to 880.

That was hidden. Nice work, Joe.
Seems the market has the flu
Somebody tell me they have a runner they're managing from 45 or better. My feelings'll be hurt if you don't.
In my own daily chart analysis I posted last night I mentioned short side support at 836-838 ... and also that same price was at the low end of the channel on the 30m chart I posted. So, after a small earlier loss last night I put in a bid @ 838.00 with a tight stop at 835.00 ... the mkt came down to 838.50 ... then back down to 838.75. I missed the bus by 2 ticks and didn't chase it. Woulda, coulda, shoulda, DIDN'T! Bleh
I honest to god didn't read your charts. I'm sorry. I get to feelin' on and filter everything else out. I'm not a profiler but usually get around to pretty much the same numbers going from key volume spike to spike in a few different timeframes at pivotal corners. I found 45 sellers resistance from where this rally ultimately began and then brokeout, but glossed right over the 38 area. 36 was a given, I've been watching it for months, but had my angle projections wrong.

I'm here to tell ya: Joe can work around the cycles now. Call me impressed.
After pre-lunch evaluation I was long 52.75 targeting 61 choking it a tick behind entry. The way I saw it if she broke the tick we're heading back down below 38. Likely to test 36. lol

If so, it could be awhile before we go back up after heated propulsion plays. I'm on the sidelines scalping intermediate term.
I got in on that 3rd 3rd.

long 58.50 til they sell it at close.
Took a point hit. I'm not chasing it. They ran up and kissed and essentially lost the third attempt at monthly pivot and stalled only after breaking out finally into bull channel territory.

I have a measured move to 41 with plenty of head fakes and angles along the way; also, 41 means the entire day's range was a set up for 44 seller satisfaction. I told you it was a possibility.

I don't have anything. Sit and wait. Scalp and try to make a living.
Thanks for the kind words SPQR they (cycles) amaze me almost every day.
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