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Gold 4347

I lost some money entering it early on this week, but was able to make it back. initial entry was 896.80 Got out of some positions near the high at round 913. that was mostly a combination of luck, plus spoke to one of my guys over at my broker and he suggest that while it was a good trade, if i was a bit skittish (which i am, oddly enough, always when i am making money) then i should put my initial target a couple of dollars below the previous high which was at high 915 range. This made sense to me as we have not been making new highs and the direction of the market is still down since feb.
I find it helps talking to people. sometimes they can point out the simplest of ideas, which for some reason you completely look over. Thats why i am suing forums as well. Would appreciate any feedback.
Tightening up stops and going to hope I can make it through whipsaws of an important week like this one. If we go back below 909, I dont really want to be in the gold market or at least long the gold market!
Feel like the sellers are just biding their time. There is great potential of a move back down to the 865 range. I am more inclined to sell this product but for now am happy with my long position.
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