Ken Chow

Anyone ever heard of this guy? He Sells a training service for 10k
Hey rainman99,

Anyone charging $10k for training in the trading arena is a BOLD S.O.B.! Maybe he has some good info ... I've not heard of him. But it ain't likely to help you do anything but lose money more slowly (or quickly). That's simply the nature of "those who teach." Ask for at least 6 months of their own trading that is documented with brokerage statements. They'll probably him-and-haw about it if not hang up on you.

And then ask 'em about this:

That should give you some ideas and specifics to chew on before parting with $10k of your trading capital. Just my cent and a half.

Ummm ... if this is the same Ken Chow promoting trading education for a fee on a site I just hit ... these are some promo comments from him:

"Most traders fear the power of leverage because one losing streak, which is inevitable with computer-generated indicators, can completely wipe out your account.

But, the $Million Breakthrough has never had a losing streak—ever. If you never have more than two small losses in a row, you can afford to trade as many contracts as margins permit… and maybe, with a little luck, turn $5,000 into $2.8 MILLION!"

RUUUUUUUUUUUN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hell, I'll only charge you $9,999.00 and buy you a $998.00 1-week vacation package to the destination of your choice (1 buck to me for brokering it). Now THAT'S A DEAL!

Just being real, rainman99. I have a long term, serious case of "VENDORITIS." Why, because I know lots of the boneheads/vermin behind these scams, preying upon honest folks trying to make a "go" in the trading arena!
MM, I am a vetran trader(14yrs now)but am always looking to improve my trading. The reason I posted about Ken Chow is because I didnt see a thread on him yet and would like to hear from some of his students. I also very much dislike most vendors, but I am always curious to find out if there really is a few of these guys with a good rep.
Only trying to help rainman99 ... you and any other traders that look for trader training, whether newbies or those who've traded for decades. My above posts of the course's promotional comments and also the info on the LINK speaks volumes. I too would be interested to hear any additional feedback from folks who have any knowledge and/or experience with this person/course.

But just a simple Googling along with the LINK and galactically f'd up out of this world promotional quote about turning $5k into the U.S. anual GDP should be spooky enough I'd think - SERIOUSLY!

Hope your trading went well today!