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5 minute fill times is it normal?

I have recently opened an account with GCIfinancial Ltd.

I want to trade S&P 500 index, all my orders are market orders.
The problem is 4 or 5 minute fill times.

After waiting 4 or 5 minutes I get a window informing me that price has changed
And asking if I accept the new price.

It takes 5 minutes before my order is filled.
Is this normal?
If so, how can a person be a successful day trader?

Where can I go to get my ordered filled in 2 or 3 seconds, or is this unrealistic?

I have emailed GCIfinancial Ltd. asking for help and I get no reply, so please someone tell me where to go.


No that's not normal. Orders are normally filled within about a second assuming that you're trading a contract that's traded electronically on globex. If it's a pit traded contract then it should take longer but not that long.

You can try Emini Direct - they should be instant.
Thank you,
I can't get any info from GCIfinancial Ltd.

so I don't know what they are doing with my orders.
I will look at "Emine Direct"

And thanks again.

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