A fun factoid

Here's a cut and paste from one of my typical biting remarks, just posted in my private forum:

"Here's a curious little factoid I just heard. The most curious thing is that I haven't heard it until now. Insiders have been selling for fourteen straight weeks now, this last week at a ratio of 9 to 1. At the March low the ratio was 1 to 1. But, wait, isn't that the technical definition of distribution? I thought they were accumulating? Buying the market that is too good to be true. They've been net selling since the first week of the rally? Are they sure about that? The guy I heard the other day, in fact I think it was the day after the recent peak, he said we must buy with reckless abandon, beg, borrow, and steal everything we can to buy, don't wait for the dip because it's mythical, it will never happen, even if you are retired or nearing retirement buy with all the cash you have and can borrow. Surely he can't be saying that and the insiders have been distributing this entire rally, and I am just now hearing that? They can't possibly have been duping the public, can they have been??? No way."
And I just saw one more part of this factoid, that this is the fastest exit from stocks by insiders in over two years. That means that at these bargain basement prices, the 'buy of the century' that we keep hearing about every day, the insiders were selling at the fastest pace since before the bear started, even faster than into the November sell-off. Hmmmm.