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Do all markets move the same?

GC had a 10point pop today @ 11:59-12:13 does anyone know what made Gold pop. I have been trading gold here of late and nothing was going on and them bam they moved 10points. And I don't know if this is normal gold movement or was this news related, it really doesn't matter since I don't watch the news I just would like to know if its normal....Any gold traders out there? I love the ES but have been looking for a market that does not move in tandem with the ES like the YM, NQ, TF, something that will give me more trade entries since I could handle being in both with lets say 5 cons a piece, than with 10 cons in the ES... Its a mental thing, I have tried the ZB but they about put me to sleep.And the moment you start doing something they move.

I like GC it moves much like the ES, but not at the same time. They both move towards and away from pivots the same (i.e. the tend to over shoot them a bit most of the time) And they both move off the open Like I like. And another thing I am noticing is the GC gets in some awesome trading boxes on the 1min with breakouts from those I only dream about in the ES. So I got to thinking do all markets move the same? That is If I did a test and covered up the prices could anyone in here including myself tell the difference from the ES, from the TF, YM, NQ, W, ZB, GC, goog, amzn?? and do all trading instruments move the same in time... a 5min looks like a monthly, 10 min looks like a 1min (excluding gaps and weekend gaps)? If you say yes you could tell the different markets apart then I would like to conduct a test.
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