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I want to be a millionaire

DISCLAIMER: I am not recommending this trade. This is for informational purposes only

I will post my trade signals in this forum . The trades will be real, not hypothetical.

My system determines the US stock market direction.

I will start posting my trade executions here . I am following the 3 trade models.

The main objective of the system is to identify the change in the trend at an early stage.

1) Medium term trend
2) Short term trend
3) Short term counter trend

My current position is :
July 2nd , 2009

1) Medium term trend : SHORT
2) Short term trend : SHORT
3) Short term counter trend : NONE

we'll need a little more like fill prices, stop loss and targets, so far a bit too general. We need definitions of the trend time frames..........then we don't mind if you try to build up a track record for a few websites please for now.......ok, I'm sure others will have more requests
What instrument(s) are you trading?
Hi winstonrazek,

How long is medium term, that to me means several of things...could mean 10days on a 30min chart, or could mean half a day on a trend day. And I consider short term less than 1 min and as long as hour and half, and if viewing a daily chart short term could mean 2 or 3 days. And if you don't mind what are you short?
What size is the position that you're trading?
well i guess s/he made their million and left haha
are you still there winston?
Someone delete this thread. Give me a break.
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