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Which pivots are the most accurate?

Question by email:
I would like to know if there is a study available about which of the different pivot types are the most accurate on the e-mini S&P market?

Here is a study that I did titled: Do Pivot Points work?

It doesn't address your question but could be used as a basis for further testing and another study.

The problem with your question is the definition of "most accurate" - at what point has a pivot point worked? That answer varies trader by trader.

For example, one trader might have a 2 point stop and a 2 point target. Their results could be highly profitable trading (say) R2 and S2 while a trader with 1.5 point stops might make a loss trading those levels.

So the question cannot be answered in isolation of money management. The total trading strategy needs to be taken into account when addressing this...
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