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That 971 - 973 !

Nice magnet but when we start to break away we should get a good trend thoughts are thinking about the Monday Tuesday range extremes as targets breaking away from this zone will test one of those extremes....will use the 5 minute and overnigh high and low as a filter in this summer volume...
just shorted 68.75 after second failure at 71 in day session..trying to get minus 4 and overnight low..dont want to see 71 again before target
had to reverse as overnight low and 5 minute low is holding now trying for the plus 4 and overnight key at 74 but that damn zone...tricky on breakout traders today...we only know they will take a range of RTH and overnight,,,but which one??
best fill is 74.50...will try to hold for overnight high and RTH high near 78..tough wehn inside value and the range
outside of the 10 minutes we spent above this zone, it worked well today...nice plus and minus 4 hit....yestreday low and overnight low taken out as well as the 60 minute is a good chart to save as it shows just how difficult some days can be to achieve probabilities......hopefully I'll have a chance later for the 4 people that are left here on the forum and myself to post it...standing aside until after beige book...
i lurk here, im there, im everywhere. im like the shadows...
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