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Gunning for the triples

from the 96 area on todays chart after overnight run out...triples down at 91.75
with 6 minutes to go for 60 minute range we need to be mindful of the possible run out of that range....if we can get the trips to break then they should go for the 60 minute low first today
I recieved my yearly angry email yesterday morning complaining how I am a non-trader and the triples simply donot work....I suppose this is "left - over " anger from when I use to attack a vendor who scammed people....

The point here is that yesterday there were 6 triples , the most I remember ever seeing.....and they were all traded through....

The triples were offered out as an observation only. How you use them is up to you....they are not there anything that is in trading?
"I recieved my yearly angry email"

Bruce, you receive only one a year???

I must be getting the :)