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A must see

For those of you that haven't seen this yet, I think it is a must see. Perhaps the funniest thing I've ever seen.
Hey Jim
I have to agree with you there..and a well balanced presentation !!

he should run for President

That's one angry dude...
Yeah, he is pretty P.O.'ed, but I tend to agree with just about all of what he is saying. I think that's why it's so funny to me. Every time he says something and I get mad thinking about it, he blasts something. It's just so hysterical to see someone vent instead of tell us how great things are.
I will mention that if you don't like cursing, you'd better skip this one :-)
WOW, great find! I just discovered Tyler Durden and ZeroHedge last week (great blog) and I missed this post.

I wish there was a real journalist out there that would tell it like it is like this guy!
Enjoyed the video. Loved the squawkbox smash-up.
(Had a little problem making out his words though)

One good lines I caught:
"So we have less people working now and 5 times the debt" 2001-2009?

" And the fourth biggest expenditure in the budget...
interest on the debt! [bamm!]

and I loved when he talked about the inflation lie:
"I don't know what F ing world they are living in..
my taxes went up
my utility bill went up
my cable went up.
and my food bill went up!" - too true mate!

"and by ... 45% of homeowners will be underwater"

"They took private bank debt and turned it into public debt - yours and mine!"

also I loved the "made in china" post-its on everything smashed up.

They gov't has hollowed out American manufacturing by shipping jobs overseas to cheap labor countries with no unions, employee benefits, retirement plans or environmental laws. Then they let an oppressive, murdering(*) communist regime like China have preferred trading status.

Because China controls its currency exchange rate (to about 50% of what it would be if let to float) it was like an unfair subsidy on exports. They should have slapped an enormous import duty on everything imported over the last ten years to adjust for exchange, paid off the debt with it and kept American jobs (as the duty would make their goods the same price as made in America). Then more people would have higher paying jobs and that gives them more tax revenue to cut the debt further.

Bottom line is that "they" gov't, fed, big bankers, big corp CEO -don't give a F about us. They sold us out to line their pockets and they know they were/are crooks.

"By the people, for the people" - what a larf!
Several years ago my friend suggested a great way to pay off the debt:

Each week tie a scoundrel politician, fed chairman, etc to a stake at capitol hill.
Let people throw rotten tomatoes at them $5 a tomato
Televise and syndication the event. Use the add money to pay off the debt!

(* Tibet)
I see some people are starting to get why I posted this :-)
Can I substitute rocks for rotten tomatoes?
Originally posted by myptofvu

Can I substitute rocks for rotten tomatoes?

American hickory slugger?
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