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Help writing Ninja Strategy Script

Need some help writing a ninja strategy script. Where do I start? Anyone know where I can learn how to write it?
I'm sure you've already watched the training videos. There are some very helpful folks on the Support Forum, there is a topic set aside for just strategy help.
Yeah saw that after I posted...I am working with an independent consultant now Final Financial Algorithms. I have been searching for a good writer. I have a lot of systems that need to be automated.
Joe, Let us no how it works out with Final Financial Algorithms. I am also looking for a programmer. How is there prices?
I'll keep you updated...$600.00 for a system I have, It'll be ready in about a week. I want to run it on sim. for 2 weeks then just one con for a couple weeks just to make sure it works correctly. I would guess indicators would be less. I have about a half dozen systems I needed automated and 3 ideas for indicators that will automatically draw channels on RSI and a cycle finder on RSI, sort of like Fourier Analysis, instead of doing it by hand.
I have a system I do manual and missed 34 ticks ($530 per con) in the ZB and 1.20 in gold ($120 per con) Because I was in 3 other markets exiting trades based on a discretionary method. That was the last straw I am tired of human error/to slow....If a machine can do it, fine by me.

You might say I trade to many markets...I thought the same thing for a long time. But I see now that being in more markets smooths the equity line greatly...I had no idea. Where before If I had a real bad signal in ES my day was shot. Now I can have it bad in the ES, TF, NQ, and still finish well thanks to oil, gold, and bonds. and visa versa. 6 months ago I swore I would only trade ES, and NQ I now trade 6 markets and swing trade options on the SPY. Any way I am rambling, point is I think auto trading is the wave of the future.
I totally agree about auto trading. I have a couple systems in the morning that scalp for 2 pts with a 2 pt stop but sometimes they happen so fast I cant even get the order in before they are 1 pt in the money. It would be nice to just sit back and watch the computer take over on these rapid fire things.
Here is someone that is offering to code Ninja, for very reasonable prices.

I've followed his blog for quite some time and his knowledge of the markets and programming are exceptional.
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