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ES today's trade

Dear Friends,

I would like to start a thread for emini traders post their opinion and charts on daily basis.Please place your opinion or chart in this thread.
Wish you good trading!

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ES 25th August 2009
Hey Dr. B. Sounds like an interesting topic. Can I first just ask if you are associated with Hawkeye Traders in any way, or do you just use their indicators? If I don't ask, it will likely be the first question you get. Maybe you could explain the signals and indicators a bit for all of us, since I don't think we have too many users of them in here. Thanks in advance.
Its beautiful...but can it fly?
That's what we want to find out.
And the forum now has its own resident 'can it truly fly or not' guru in the name of Phantasmagoria. Once he shows up in here, we'll know.

I'm a little confused by the title you gave this thread "ES Today's Trade"

I see your chart, but I'm not seeing a trade. Am I missing something or just misunderstanding your purpose for this thread?
There is also another post on this methodology by VSA here:
BTW, VSA stands for 'Volume Spread Analysis', and you can see all about that here:

They appear to be a real 'full service' company. Lots of indicators for sale, live trading room, training center, mentoring, seminars, wow.

Here's what I suggest. Anyone else can chime in. If VSA wants to come back and post charts and discuss trades in this area, that's great. If this evolves into a discussion of Hawkeye or things about the value of the indicators and such, why doesn't someone start a thread in the Trading Advisory Services area, just like was recently done for Discussion of trades here, discussion of merits of system there. Sound like a good idea? Otherwise we can all see what is going to happen...
Jim, you don't have to be rude, I just posted a chart, if you don't like it I'm sorry. I use Hawkeye, but I'm not a sales person for them, I use Mark Juric Indicators, but I'm not a sales person for him either. I thought it is great if we can compare different systems and learn different techniques. Unfortunately you are rude!!!!! I'm sorry.
Dr B.,

Nothing I said was meant to be rude. I am a moderator here, and it's kind of become an unofficial policy here to have people who start out on their first post showing something that is based on a system everyone must buy before they can even explore the concept to state whether they have an interest in the company. In general, in my experience, over 99% of those that make their first post as described, do have an interest in the company. Hence, to keep this forum in line with what we all want it to be, a place to share ideas and concepts, we ask for a full disclosure right off the bat. If you don't, that is all anyone is going to want to know. We don't want to evaluate your input as unbiased if it is biased. And if it is not, it's a simple thing to get it out in the open right away.

Another 'key signature' for an undercover vendor is feigning that asking such a straightforward question is somehow 'rude', and makes the person mad, or offends them. That's a big red flag in here, again because in my experience 99% of vendors use that tactic when you call them on the line. So, you could just study the forum, read the posts, look at some of the topics, like the topic in the Trading Advisory Services, and you'll see how people here react to things. Then try to post within that context. Your work is welcome here, but I think when you start out fitting the profile of an undercover vendor it would help you with the community here to start out interacting positively with the long-term members here. We all want to help and make a great community here.
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