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Are brokers from another planet?

All the brokers I have ever had when there not sick or on vacation are slow, rude and inconsiderate. I have even had them call me at 9:30-9:35 when he was supposed to email me. My broker is imposable to communicate via email, I get more out of my accountant over at transact than my personal broker. Does anyone else have these problems or am I the only one cursed with this. You would think 20 trades a day would get some respect.
Hey CJ,

I would suggest you use a boutique futures broker. Just my 2 cents.

They are generally a 3-4 man operation and if you are doing that volume they will come to know you as more than just an order number.


Call my friend Matt DeRolf at Infinity Futures, and tell him John in South TX sent you.
Matt doesn't answer ANY of my emails LOL, but he's there on the 3rd ring of his phone, and happy to help.
I've found the guys at Proactive Futures to be very attentive. They call when you ask them to call, email if you want them to email, and stay out of your way if you want that too. They're not too big and not too small either, though still on the smaller side compared to most brokers.
Hi Joe,

Your experience doesn't sound fun and you don't deserve it.

I don't deal with a broker anymore - unless I can't help it (a technical problem). I trade online with IB. When I have had a problem with their software - terrible stuff in my opinion - the staff who reply (not brokers) are idiots.

Above are some good suggestions so that may serve you.


If it doesn't then I make the following suggestion:

Call the branch manager
Tell him what you expect of a good broker
Ask him who on his staff would be the best
Call that person
Ask him to tell you what he thinks the characteristics are of a good broker.
Ask him some sample questions.
Listen to how he replies.

I pick up a lot from a person's voice and how they reply (the subtext of how they say what they say). You may or may not, but that's how I would approach it.

Because a person's energy affects us for quite some time after communicating with them. We think about it over again and drains energy from our trading... "sick or on vacation are slow, rude and inconsiderate", I would suggest it is very important for you to take action and change to good person.

You are positive, helpful and honest in your posts.

You should ensure that the people you allow into your life (consciousness) are also positive, helpful and honest.

Life is too short to deal with negative people or people who cause us stress IMHO

I hope this helps!
!!! EXCELLENT!!! Post blue
I second that - great comments blue!
Thank-you guys!
I do appreciate the positive feedback.

{While typing it, I even had second thoughts about posting it.
Thoughts like:
Oh this is too "metaphysical" for these hard core traders,
I'm probably wasting my time, ... etc.}

Anyways, thanks-again

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