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Does anyone have any comments on KwikPop?
Has anyone used it in a NinjaTrader automated strategy?
Hi saturntd'
I have looked at it myself. Have you downloaded and tried their 10day free trial? If so what were your conclusions?
I tried KP for 60 days a few yrs ago, I didn't think it was very good tool.
Was the strategy they employed(trend, momentum, timing)basicly flawed or were the 'proprietary'indicators they used to implement the strategy inadequate. Please explain if you could. Cause it looks kinda good to me, but then I'm a sucker for this stuff.
It's been a few years since I tried it. If I remember correctly KP is dynamic supp & resis, it trades breakouts & breakdowns. You can find something similiar on the web for free. After watching it for a while you'll be able to snap the lines yourself. Breakouts generally don't have the best win/loss ratio. I've found that most software will look great at the end of the day, but very few will help you that much in realtime.
Thanks for the responses.

I did an eval & have since entered into a subscription.
I'm pursuing an automated strategy, it'll still be some time before I'll have it working & tested. It's been a bit more of an ordeal then I anticipated.

My Current Observations/Impressions:
-considers price & volume momentum
-trend following
-considers multi-time frames & instruments for entries
-focused mainly on the ES
-training is excellent, ongoing & free
-buy "higher lows", sell "lower highs", you'll hear this in the training constantly
-trading strategy is to use multiple contracts & capture 3-4 ticks,
optionally have some runner contracts to go longer if possible
-initial stop would be 6-8 ticks, could go larger if use the pivots
-a paid chat room is available where live trades are called out
-seems to be more of a professional way to go as opposed to these simplistic "price action systems" out there
-requires effort to learn it
-I don't know if I'll be able to make KP work but seems to be worthwhile
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