PTS precision trading systems

does anyone have any experience with this concern, it used to be run by mel rainman. after he passed away recently, the stock picking service which he ran is being run by a guy named mike misuanas. rainman's former "coach". the way it operated was , they'd hold a "class". in which rainman would teach how to set up line charts, witha variety of moving averages and linear regression lines. after the two day "class". you were sent home, never knowing how to find stocks to trade. hence why not sunscribe to the service, only $60 per month now $75, misunas is greedier. the fascinating thing is some people stick with it for years while trying to become profitable. rainman provided some moving trades but some of them would be longs and shorts sometimes on the same day. considering that this was not for daytrading it must have been a feat for some people to work this out. they are thinking of starting some new "classes" and i am wondering if anyone else has had experience with them. they're base din atlanta georgia.